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Managed Security

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The rise in frequency and severity of corporate cyber-attacks is ushering in a new era of stricter and more complex compliance regulations. Add to the mix tighter IT budgets and scarcity of security and compliance skills, and it becomes clear why this is one of the main pain points for business and IT leaders. If you are one of those leaders we can help you overcome these challenges and offload security & compliance management to the level that best suits your needs. From Managed SOC and SIEM 24/7 to IDS and periodic PEN tests, we can help you manage vulnerability and keep your systems and devices patched, secure and compliant. Ultimately, we can help you cut cost without cutting corners.


Sentinel X

A comprehensive set of integrated security solutions offered as a managed service and delivered 24/7 by our highly skilled Security Operations Team, out of a world-class Saudi-based operations center. Through this highly secured platform we deliver three tiers of security services to help you protect your network and reduce the probability of outages and downtime.


for Monitoring

  • SIEM with 24X7 Monitoring.
  • Vulnerability Scan & PEN Test once Per Quarter.
  • IDS (Host Based for All Servers).
  • Hardening Security Devices.


for Managed

  • SIEM with 24X7 Monitoring, Managing all Security Devices (Administration).
  • Vulnerability Scan & PEN Test once Per Month.
  • IDS (Host Based for All Servers).
  • Hardening Security Devices.


for Advanced Managed

  • SIEM with 24X7 Monitoring, building Process and Procedures and Risk assessment.
  • Vulnerability Management & PEN Test once Per Week.
  • IDS (Host Based for All Servers), Advanced Server Protection (Analytics, Patching, antiX).
  • Hardening Security Devices, Threat Management, Social Media Tools, Brand/Name Protection.



Managed SOC

Security info & event management SIEM 24/7

Intrusion detection system IDS, analytics, patching

Vulnerability management & PEN tests

Device security management

Risk & compliance management

Security awareness training


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