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Sentinel X for Small Organizations

Services Observe Intercept Command
Users Up to 50
Security info & event management (SIEM)
    24/7 monitoring
    Managed Detection & Response
    Malware Protection & Detection (MPD) Basic Advanced
    Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) Basic Advanced
Network Asset Discovery
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) 10 servers
Vulnerability Assessment Once Quarterly
Penetration Testing Once Quarterly
    White Box
    Black Box
    Internal PEN
    External PEN 1 IP 3 IPs 5 IPs
    Wireless PEN 1 SSID 3 SSIDs
    Web App PEN 1 App 3 Apps 5 Apps
    Mobile App PEN
    Cloud PEN
    Remote Access PEN
    Employee Awareness PEN
Device Hardening 3 Devices 5 Devices
Advanced Server Protection 10 servers
    Server Analytics
    Server Patching
    Server AntiX
Network Behavior Analysis
Reputation Protection
    Social Media Tools
    Brand Protection
Threat Intelligence & Management
    Threat Intelligence
    Threat Management
Security Compliance
    Compliance Assessment Reports
    Compliance Services (ISO27001:2013)
         Build Framework
         Build Processes & Procedures
         Build Risk Management Process