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Sentinel X for Enterprise

Services Observe Intercept Command
Users Up to 900
Security info & event management (SIEM)
    24/7 monitoring
    Managed Detection & Response
    Malware Protection & Detection (MPD) Basic Advanced
    Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) Basic Advanced
Network Asset Discovery
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) 150 servers
Vulnerability Assessment Once Weekly
Penetration Testing Once Weekly
    White Box
    Black Box
    Internal PEN
    External PEN 15 IPs 5 IPs 25 IPs
    Wireless PEN 5 SSIDs 10 SSIDs
    Web App PEN 10 Apps 15 Apps 25 Apps
     Mobile App PEN
    Cloud PEN
    Remote Access PEN
    Employee Awareness PEN
Device Hardening 10 Devices 25 Devices
Advanced Server Protection 150 servers
    Server Analytics
    Server Patching
    Server AntiX
Network Behavior Analysis
Reputation Protection
    Social Media Tools
    Brand Protection
Threat Intelligence & Management
    Threat Intelligence
    Threat Management
Security Compliance
    Compliance Assessment Reports
    Compliance Services (ISO27001:2013)
          Build Framework
          Build Processes & Procedures
          Build Risk Management Process